Legal Services Offered in Calgary

Whether you are purchasing a real estate property, are starting, selling or dissolving a business, you are planning your estate or have a family or employment issue or dispute you need resolved, you will require professional legal services in order to go through it successfully. And there are reputable law firms that are dedicated to providing reliable legal services for people and organizations with different legal needs.

Legal Services in Calgary

If you are in Calgary and require topnotch legal services, you will find well-staffed law firms that can help. These firms have seasoned lawyers with decades of experience in providing topnotch legal services in different areas of practice. Whether you need a seasoned immigration lawyer, or are looking out for a reputable notary public in Calgary to help with your legal issues, these firms are well equipped to help out. They have specialized in different areas of practice, including:

1. Real Estate Law

As much as it may be exciting for most clients, the selling or purchasing of a real estate property is no doubt one of the largest financial transactions that most of these clients ever make. For this reason, seeking the professional advice of an experienced real estate lawyer can help you to avoid major legal issues. Fortunately, the legal experts at these firms can help you draft mortgages, arrange for insurance and even complete the pre-closing paperwork.

2. Wills and Estate Planning

Without a formal and legally recognized will and estate plan, chances are that your possessions, financial assets or home could land in the wrong hands or may be divided by the court. And this can be a recipe for unnecessary tension and even conflict for your family at a time when they are supposed to be grieving and planning for their future. To avert this, the experienced wills and estate lawyers at these law firms can help you:

a) Draft and Notarize a Will
b) Create a Living Trust
c) Plan for Estate Taxes
d) Establish the Enduring Powers of Attorney
e) Resolve Estate Disputes and Litigation
f) Execute Personal Directives
g) Carry Out Estate Probate and Administration

  1. Notary Public

If you are in need of a reliable notary public in Calgary or its environs, these law firms can also help. Ideally a notary public usually holds legal authority to take and receive affidavits, affirmations, declarations and administer oaths in Calgary. The best thing about these firms is that they have notary public professionals who are also judges or lawyers and hence are permitted to witness, as well as attest and certify contracts, deeds and many other sensitive documents like promissory notes.

The seasoned lawyers at these firms have also specialized in a range of other areas of practice, such as family law, business law, divorce law, criminal law, personal injury law, and many more. All of their lawyers are friendly and always pay close attention to details to provide you with personalized service. Their services are not just quality but also quite budget-friendly. Whether you need the legal services of a seasoned immigration lawyer, or notary public in Calgary, these firms have highly qualified and reliable legal experts that can meet your needs.

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