Factors to Consider When Choosing a Criminal Lawyer in Sylvan Lake

When you are charged with a criminal offence and you do not have a clue on how to handle the situation, you need to hire a Sylvan Lake criminal lawyer to help you out. In such times, emotions are high and if you are not careful you might find yourself hiring the first lawyer you find. Remember, you want a lawyer who will help you win the case. All lawyers are not created equal, and to get the best you will need to do some research. Here are some factors that will help you get the best criminal lawyer for your case.


If you have a family or real estate lawyer, they are the best people to give you recommendations of criminal attorneys that you can hire. Your friends, relatives and colleagues, especially those who have hired criminal lawyers in the recent past, should also be able to give you valuable recommendations. Make a list of the recommended lawyers and start to vet them.

Criminal Case Experience

Make sure the lawyer you choose has criminal case experience. If you hire one who does not have such experience, they might not be very helpful. A lawyer who has more than ten years in the field practicing criminal law will be in a better position to win your case compared to those who have just graduated from law school.

Kind of Criminal Case

Criminal cases are of different types. Make sure the lawyer you hire specializes in the type of case that you have. For example, if you have a DUI case, you will not hire a lawyer who has only experience on murder cases. Make sure you hire a Sylvan Lake criminal lawyer according to the charges that you face. A lawyer who has helped many people with cases similar to yours will know how to use every loophole to win your case.

Licensing and Qualifications

When hiring a Sylvan Lake criminal lawyer, family lawyer or real estate lawyer, ensure that they have a valid and genuine license. Contact your local licensing agency to ensure that the license shown is valid. A good criminal attorney should have at least a degree and from a well-recognized law school. You can also contact the school the lawyer graduated from to confirm if the certificate presented is authentic.

Number of Clients

Most of the best lawyers may have many clients that they represent in court every day. Such a lawyer will not represent you well because they will not have enough time to study your case. Hire a lawyer who has at least a manageable number of clients. Also, avoid any lawyer who has very few clients, as this may be an indication of inexperience or poor track record.


Finally, consider cost when hiring a Sylvan Lake criminal lawyer. Do not hire a lawyer who you cannot afford to pay. Make sure you look at the charges of a potential criminal lawyer before hiring them. While you want affordable services, beware of deals that are too good to be true.


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