Suffering A Work Related Illness? Call A Lawyer!

When you have been injured at work it can be devastating, especially if the injury takes you out of the workforce for any number of days, weeks or months. If you don’t act quickly you can miss the deadline for filing a WSIB (Work Safety and Insurance Board) claim in Ontario. If you are denied your WSIB claim, you only have between thirty days and six months to file an appeal on the denial action, so you need to act quickly on that as well. Workplace injuries have very strict timelines, for this reason it is advisable to work with experienced WSIB lawyers who can help you with the process of receiving monetary compensation.

If you live in the Toronto area you need to seek legal council as soon as possible in order to ensure these strict timelines are met; the bureaucratic system in Toronto is extremely stringent and there is a huge margin of error. In the wake of a workplace injury, stress can play a huge factor and make you less capable than usual – do the smart thing and get help from a professional.

There are many forms of workplace illness. The question of when your employer is liable for a workplace illness is largely subjective; a professional lawyer can help make things a little clearer. A work-related illness is any type of illness, physical or mental, that an employee incurred while working for an organization that he or she wouldn’t have incurred if they hadn’t been employed there. In 2012 The WSIB paid out claims amounting to $2.67 billion in compensation awards to injured employees.

Most work-related illnesses reported have typically been of the physical nature; however, there have been more and more cases in which employees are reporting mental illness as a work-related injury/illness.

If you live and work in and around the Toronto area, and have suffered a work-related illness or injury that has left you mentally or physically impaired, you need to hire legal counsel right away in order to get the best legal representation possible to assist you in getting the monetary compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering.

Mental illness is the hardest work-related illness to detect in the early stages. For this reason, it is very important that a company has the strictest guidelines set up to protect their employees from a hostile work environment in which harassment can exist – counselors can be very helpful in this regard as well.

There have actually been case laws that resulted from employees suffering work related illnesses at the hands of their employers. Such as, the case of Metropolitan Entertainment Group v Durnford [2000], N,S.J. No.343, in which the employee, Angela Durnford developed right lateral epicondylitis from dealing cards. This is just one of many examples where the plaintiff has been awarded compensation due to being injured as a result of their regular duties.

If you feel you have been injured due to the negligence of your employer in the Toronto area call and schedule an appointment with an employment law attorney now.