Practical Tips To Land the Best Criminal Lawyer in Winnipeg

Now, whether you are facing DUI or theft charges, you will need experienced criminal lawyers in Winnipeg by your side helping you along. And with a whole lot of lawyers to choose from, it can be a complicated process to choose the best and right one for your case.

How does one know which lawyer is best? How do you know which lawyer in Winnipeg to trust with your life? While you can never have answers to these questions for sure, some tips can help you improve your chances of landing the best lawyer to represent you.

Choose A Lawyer Passionate About Law

How will this make a difference? Isn’t it enough that the lawyer is trained and is knowledgeable in law? Well, not quite. Take artists for instance. You can notice differences between pieces of art created by passionate artists and those who do it because it is their job, right? There is just something about the former that attracts and reels you in.

The same goes for a passionate lawyer. He/she will scour heaven and earth to ensure you are well represented and get off easy.

Now the question is, how do you know the lawyer is passionate? Well, for starters, he/she will listen to you and will express genuine interest in your case.

All Experience is Not Equal

You should get one thing straight. A lawyer with years of experience working on say, tax laws, is not the best to represent you on criminal charges you face. You should always strive to get a lawyer that specializes in the charges you are facing.

If it is possible to visit the law offices in Winnipeg to confirm the type of cases they have handled in the past and what they have specialized in.

Trust what you feel

It is important to be keen on what criminal lawyers in Winnipeg make you feel. Yes, contrary to popular belief, your feelings when choosing a criminal lawyer are crucial. You want a lawyer you will be comfortable with, and you will listen to – a lawyer who will explain the options you have simply and does not make you feel pressured to make a certain choice.

If you feel you cannot trust a lawyer, by all means, go back to the drawing board and choose another criminal lawyer altogether.

Does the lawyer have a team?

A lawyer may be the best in the city, but without a legal team to support him, he can only go so far. Law is vast and wide. A single lawyer cannot adequately represent you in a court of law alone and win, especially if the case is complicated and has several layers to it. He will need a team that is equally knowledgeable, talented and passionate about law.

So before you start working with any lawyer, ask for a meeting in their law offices in Winnipeg and meet the team that will be working on your case.


When making your choice, you should also consider the fees, countercheck the references and check for confidence, as opposed to arrogance. These tips will help you land the best lawyer to represent you.